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You Can Run but You Can’t Hide!

The gift and curse of being a catalyst How many times have you heard the light of a candle used as an example of the function of the light “filling a previously darkened room with light?” The problem with this … Continue reading

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Confronting the Adversary

Depriving the Devil of His Power Today’s teaching is about how to handle the “Devil” when he comes to call.  Here I will use a recent personal experience to illustrate how to confront the adversary, thereby depriving him of his … Continue reading

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It’s Not That They Don’t Love Me – It’s That They Don’t Love Themselves

There is nothing more healing than the startling realization that a deeply imbedded emotional wound has always and forever been based in a lie. Here the wound was the fear that I am not/was not loved.  The realization is that … Continue reading

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When Old Wounds Come Back to Haunt Us

After Monday’s global message about Building the New World, and yesterday’s call to resurrect the Magdalene and feminine principle with her, I’m turning to a more personal experience, and yet one to which I suspect you can relate and from … Continue reading

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