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Self-Actualization – The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Self-Actualization is the process of  finding ourselves. The purpose of the human experience is finding ourselves. I was recently asked to describe my mission and how my spiritual awakening and journey toward self-actualization informed that mission.  Here is my response: … Continue reading

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Seeking the Inner Gem – from Perfectionist to the Muse

Practically Perfect in Every Way! For the first 45 years of my life, I tried to be perfect.  Apparently the next 45 are about learning to be human.  My innate, inner perfectionist offers a sigh of resignation and frustration over … Continue reading

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The God’s Have Spoken

Last Friday, I put God and my God Squad on notice.  Yesterday, I got their response.  A Humbling reminder for one who claims to assist others on the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The God’s Have Spoken! Last Friday, … Continue reading

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Jesus and Shaktipat

Shaktipat is a word in the Hindu tradition to represent spiritual awakening – in particular, spiritual awakening that is facilitated or initiated by a guru/teacher and conferred upon his or her students.  Did Jesus confer Shaktipat and can we still … Continue reading

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