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Lessons on Loneliness

I have had many conversations with fellow mystics on the topic of loneliness. As mystics we ARE different from the norm, usually pretty far-left of center. Many find it difficult to relate to or understand us. Others are hesitant to … Continue reading

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Readying for the New World

Yesterday, while sitting in meditation, my spirit journeyed.  I journeyed to the garden where I usually find myself when I know I have journeyed to the “Upper World” and where I meet with my spirit teacher.  Typically, this garden is … Continue reading

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What is your Magic? Part 4 – the forgotten charism!

In today’s blog we continue exploring the charisms, magic, spiritual gifts with which you have been uniquely gifted to experience meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life and through which you are called to serve the betterment of the world.  … Continue reading

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Mystics are Not Normal

Hee hee.  I love reading the words that people “google” that end up leading them to my website.  Every once in awhile, these words stir me to write more on the topic for which they are seeking.  Today, the phrase … Continue reading

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Mystics, Madwomen and a Rock and Roll God

The journey of the Soul, I have learned, comes in fits and starts.  Sometimes seemingly stagnant, sometimes dead and lying in the grave, sometimes dancing naked in the streets – a journey that we want like heck to control, but … Continue reading

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How to Change Ourselves so WE Can Change the World!

Yesterday, I responded to the current political debacle (the government shutdown) and complete failure of our government to do what WE hired them to do, by issuing an invitation, “If we want the world to change, WE need to change … Continue reading

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The Mystic as Grump – Guest Blogger John Backman

A big thank you to guest blogger, John Backman, for this contribution to the discussion on contemplatives and mystics.  (See John’s bio, etc. below.)  In this post, John highlights the mystic’s drive toward “making things right,” and the grumpiness that … Continue reading

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