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Only God

a personal reflection by Lauri Ann Lumby This morning’s blog is coming from a deeply personal place and arising out of a place of fragmented vulnerability….so apologies ahead of time for momentary incoherence. 😉 2017 has been quite an interesting … Continue reading

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Lessons on Loneliness

I have had many conversations with fellow mystics on the topic of loneliness. As mystics we ARE different from the norm, usually pretty far-left of center. Many find it difficult to relate to or understand us. Others are hesitant to … Continue reading

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Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?

Google Analytics cracks me up. Apparently two different people found my website this morning by typing in the very same question, “Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?”  My daughter and I shared a laugh over this.  Really? Who are the two … Continue reading

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The Mystic’s Conundrum

The Mystic’s Conundrum Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby     Once we have seen the face of God, Everything by comparison pales. The whole world lacks luster Melancholy defining the human condition. Longing replacing enjoyment Ever yearning our heart’s return. “Why … Continue reading

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Witness to the World’s Destruction

The world is on the path to its own destruction and there is nothing we can do but stand as witness, and hopefully when it is all said and done, be a source of support for those left standing. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Light Workers, Shadow Workers and Middle World Workers

Today’s blog – as an offering of the Superhero Academy – explores the difference between light workers, shadow workers and middle-world workers.  Healers of every sort populate our world and deserve to be honored for their uniquely special gifts. Please note, … Continue reading

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CHANGEMAKERS WAKE UP. It’s time to make a new world!

(Psst……Song of the Beloved, the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene is available NOW.  Check it out HERE.)  Now on to today’s blog! Have you felt like you were here for a reason, but perhaps didn’t know what that reason was?  … Continue reading

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Support for the Changemakers

Yesterday I spoke with the 8 millionth person who spoke of their frustrations over: Not fitting in Not feeling understood Being judged for being a troublemaker Condemned for not “toeing the line” and for not being satisfied with status quo … Continue reading

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Mystics and Contemplatives

In the past several days, I have used the words mystic and contemplative somewhat interchangeably.  While the two are similar and walk a common path with a common mission, I have learned there is a bit of a difference between … Continue reading

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Mystics and Superheroes

Mystics (or contemplatives, whatever name you call them) are the real-life version of a superhero.  In today’s blog, we explore the innate superhero powers of mystics and how this makes them better than even Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman or Iron Man. … Continue reading

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