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When the Devil Comes to Call

 The closer we move toward our Soul’s purpose, the harder the “devil” works against us. I don’t mean the dude in the red tights with horns carrying a pitchfork who is really the Christian appropriation and demonizing of the pagan … Continue reading

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The Voice of our Truth vs. our Ego – Discernment

In this week’s Superhero Academy gatherings, we continued our exploration of 6D consciousness and Divine Manifestation by learning about the critical skill of discernment. Discernment is defined as the process through which we distinguish the voice of God/Truth/Higher Self/Love from … Continue reading

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Something amazing, intense and at least initially scary is happening in the Universe.  Starting the three days prior to the FULL MOON and continuing this week, a series of LOVE ACTIVATIONS are taking place.  For many, these love activations will … Continue reading

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Awaken Equip Empower

The greatest professional challenge I have faced is trying to explain to people what I do for a living.  When I offer titles like, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Counselor, Hands-on-Healer, Human Development Expert, Teacher, Interfaith Minister, I mostly get met with … Continue reading

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Resistance Part II – Superhero Report

Superhero Academy – We Are Here to Heal and Change the World.  The Superhero Academy’s headquarters are in Oshkosh, WI. We have two meeting options Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm or Tuesdays 9 – 11 am. To learn more, click … Continue reading

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Agape Meditation Newsletter- Supplement to the Virtual Church

To learn more about the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church, click HERE.   To view some of the recent Weekly Services, click HERE.  Sunday, May 4, 2014 Second Sunday of Easter   Scripture Reading: That very day, the first day of the … Continue reading

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Who is Your Teacher?

We are interrupting this discussion on midlife, menopause and the dark night of the relationship to explore another critical topic that is also relevant to the midlife journey (and beyond).  Relevant to midlife is the search for our Soul – … Continue reading

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God or No-God? And Does it Really Matter?

Today’s blog explores belief, specifically our need to cling to the certitude around our beliefs, thereby making everyone else wrong.  Whether we are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, atheist or anything in between, how are we called to … Continue reading

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Resisting Our Greatness

As we journey toward the birth of our most magnificent, true self, we frequently come up against resistance.  Resistance is the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, capable enough, worthy enough to enjoy the … Continue reading

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Tested in Fire

Once we step onto the path of awakening, enlightenment, spiritual growth, consciousness, self-awareness (or whatever you want to call it), we are forever changed.  And, it is not a journey for the faint of heart! Who will endure the day … Continue reading

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