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What Does Your Soul Look Like?

Superhero Report:  Soul is the uniquely creative way in which each of us has been gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection in our life.  Engaging our Soul leads us toward a great feeling of expansiveness along with inner feelings … Continue reading

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Finding and Cultivating Your Superpowers

Superhero Report for Monday, August 4, 2014 – Part I I absolutely believe that every single one of us is a Superhero waiting to be born.  Not everyone will have the call or the drive to facilitate positive change in … Continue reading

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Authentic Freedom 2013 Christmas Message

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bosouX_d8Y As I write the Authentic Freedom Christmas message of hope for 2013, all I feel is love.  And isn’t this appropriate?  Why else could we possibly be here in these flesh suits if not for the purpose of learning … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown? It’s not over ’til it is over…and the end is up to us!

Well, the government shutdown has come to an end and the debt ceiling temporarily released.  Do not, however, let this band-aid approach to the issues fool you.  We are not out of hot water folks!  We are still plagued with … Continue reading

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A Message of Hope

A message of hope for a fearful world.  On behalf of love.  For the sake of peace.  In the company of my brothers and sisters of light.  Lightworkers.  Lightwarriors.  Healers.  Teachers.  Sojourners and Guides. We walk among you with hearts … Continue reading

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Conquering Fear

Soul is the uniquely creative part of ourselves that when engaged, gives us a sense of fulfillment, peace and joy.  Soul gives us meaning and is our unique purpose in this life and the way we assist in creating a … Continue reading

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Life Passion and Purpose

Today’s blog explores the human longing for passion and purpose, the search for fulfillment, contentment and joy and the little clues that arrive on our path to show us the way. The key is to look for those things that … Continue reading

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Resisting Our Greatness

As we journey toward the birth of our most magnificent, true self, we frequently come up against resistance.  Resistance is the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, capable enough, worthy enough to enjoy the … Continue reading

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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Today’s blog steps outside my normal fray.  I had a really powerful dream last night that I at first intended to share with a few close intimates, but then one of my teachers (DK) suggested that I should share it … Continue reading

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Why Bother with a Spiritual Practice?

Today’s blog explores the value of a personal, spiritual practice….and answers the great marketing question:  WIFM?  You will learn that you can’t afford NOT to cultivate a sound spiritual practice if you desire peace and joy in your life.    Thus says … Continue reading

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