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Power in Our Aloneness

The greatest fear in the human experience is not death, neither is it public speaking.  The greatest fear in the human experience is that we are alone – really, truly, alone; and in this aloneness, life has no meaning and … Continue reading

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The Deadly Compulsion of Sloth – Virtual Church Supplement

The theme of this week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church meditation newsletter is the spiritual compulsion of sloth.  When engaging in sloth, we refuse to use the brain God gave us to reason, discern and exercise truth.  Learn more below: Sunday, … Continue reading

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Living in Freedom Class

It has been a LONG time coming…..I am excited to announce that I will be offering my Living in Freedom class starting May 19th! (see flier attached.) This is your personal invitation!Many of you have heard me rave about the … Continue reading

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How Authentic Freedom Works and Why it Matters

In today’s blog, I’m going to use my own recent life experience to demonstrate how Authentic Freedom works and why it matters.  Lauri on a Rant Last week, I went on a bit of a rant. (Read Part I HERE, and … Continue reading

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Spiritual Healing for our Addictions – Retreat Invitation

Dear Readers, I am writing to extend to you an invitation.  For the past 14 days, I have been engaged in a 30-day “in the world” spiritual healing retreat.  Through this self-imposed spiritual healing retreat, I am discovering profound insight and … Continue reading

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The Need to Be Right

Today’s blog explores one of our basic human compulsions that comes directly out of our perceived separation from God and from each other.  This is the need to be right and to make other people wrong.  Don’t You Get Tired … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction and Fears

As we continue the exploration of the ministry of Spiritual Direction, we explore the role of a Spiritual Director in assisting their client in learning how to recognize the fears that are standing in the way of their ability to … Continue reading

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