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Taking the Church Out of Church

Birthing the new church that has nothing to do with church With both Authentic Freedom Academy and Temple of the Magdalene, I am doing everything I can to take the Church out of church while birthing a new vision of … Continue reading

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Healing Our Religious Wounds – new online course

Online course Do at your own pace 23 modules Only $49.99! (content heavy and fiscally light) While religion has provided a great service to humanity, it has also done great harm. If you are one who has felt harmed, rejected, … Continue reading

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Revealing the “New” in What Has Formerly Been Called “Church”

It is no longer about building the new world. It is about BEING the new world. – Lauri Ann Lumby For those of us who came here to be leaders in bringing forth the new world – in helping others … Continue reading

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“God” Does Not Save

I am going to bet that a whole lot of people are going to be either offended or frightened by a blog that suggests that “God Doesn’t Save.” Bear with me here…..I promise there is a happy ending!  🙂 Yesterday … Continue reading

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Surviving Ecclesial (Church) Trauma

Lauri Ann Lumby shares her story of being raised Catholic, receiving her vocational calling and training in the Church, ministering in the Church and then being abandoned by the Church.  Her story is an “everywoman” story and reflective of the … Continue reading

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My Magic is This……What is Yours?

Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to be LOVE in the world. When we came into this world, we knew what our unique gifts were, but through societal conditioning (“writers are a dime a dozen,” “you can’t … Continue reading

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The Price of Waking Up

The Price of Waking Up – and Why Most Will Choose to Remain Sleeping I already know that 99% of you who begin reading this post will quickly lose interest, glaze over and return to whatever piece of gossip or … Continue reading

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When Old Wounds Come Back to Haunt Us

After Monday’s global message about Building the New World, and yesterday’s call to resurrect the Magdalene and feminine principle with her, I’m turning to a more personal experience, and yet one to which I suspect you can relate and from … Continue reading

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The Cyclical Nature of Grief

Yesterday, and old grief was triggered in me, along with all the symptoms that have come along with this grief – deep sorrow, rage, hatred, anxiety, panic, trembling, emotional and intellectual paralysis, nausea, upset stomach, etc.  When I found I … Continue reading

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A Day of Gratitude

Yesterday I launched the Authentic Freedom Academy Sunday Service.  Today, I am overflowing with gratitude for all who have supported me in the on-going evolution of Authentic Freedom Academy in all its manifestations!  Yesterday, brought it all full circle and … Continue reading

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