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Surviving Ecclesial (Church) Trauma

Lauri Ann Lumby shares her story of being raised Catholic, receiving her vocational calling and training in the Church, ministering in the Church and then being abandoned by the Church.  Her story is an “everywoman” story and reflective of the … Continue reading

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Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?

Google Analytics cracks me up. Apparently two different people found my website this morning by typing in the very same question, “Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?”  My daughter and I shared a laugh over this.  Really? Who are the two … Continue reading

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Shining the Spotlight on Clergy Sexual Abuse

I was not sexually abused by a priest, but I know and have counseled many people who were.  I was not sexually abused by a priest, but I worked in the Church when the insidious legacy of priests sexually abusing children and … Continue reading

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The Cyclical Nature of Grief

Yesterday, and old grief was triggered in me, along with all the symptoms that have come along with this grief – deep sorrow, rage, hatred, anxiety, panic, trembling, emotional and intellectual paralysis, nausea, upset stomach, etc.  When I found I … Continue reading

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When I Stopped Believing in God

Last night, while facilitating a class on spiritual gifts, I realized that somewhere in the past several years, I had stopped believing in God. This realization struck me like a two-ton brick to my head (perhaps the same brick that … Continue reading

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Beyond Church Part 2 – What People Really Need

Somewhere around 1995, I was hired by the local Catholic Campus Ministry (Newman Center) to implement and facilitate a program for adults joining the Catholic faith. Developing the curriculum and facilitating this program proved to me what I was already … Continue reading

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Beyond Church Part 1

For twenty-some years, I have been hounded by the vision of a different (original) way of doing church.  I was inspired by my personal experiences with small faith communities, contemplative prayer and authentic spiritual formation (not to be confused with … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Pope Francis

A letter I sent to Pope Francis in yesterday’s mail.  I hope he reads it.  April 13, 2015 His Holiness Pope Francis Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City   Most Holy Father, I am writing to you with profound gratitude for … Continue reading

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Good Friday – The Church Who Turned Away

As we commemorate the trial, suffering and death of Jesus at the hands of two institutions who turned away from him, I find that my own “crucifixion” has resurfaced to be examined and grieved again.  I share this because I … Continue reading

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Revisioning Baptism – Authentic Freedom Virtual Church Newsletter

Excerpt from this week’s Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church. “You are my beloved Son/Daughter; with you I am well pleased.” If you grew up in the Christian tradition, baptism was described as the necessary means … Continue reading

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