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Clergy Sexual Abuse – Compassion for the Victims

As social media continues to rage over the topic of clergy sexual abuse, I find myself wondering “what about the victims in all of this?” It is appropriate to be enraged at the Catholic Church for centuries of abuse, the … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Law of Manifesting

As we believe, so shall it be.  In the popular book The Secret, and all the related pop-culture myths on manifestation, it is said that our thought governs our ability to get what we want.  In other words, “If we … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Catholic Witch

I have always known I was a witch. For 364 days a year, however, I simply pretended I was not.   Only on Halloween as I donned my black robe, black pointy boots and a black did I feel completely at … Continue reading

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My Purpose is Love

Finding the new life on the other side of the loss. 2016 marks the end of a nine year cycle that began in 2007. For me, the theme of this cycle has been about endings – specifically, the end of … Continue reading

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Authentic Freedom – BEING the New Model of What We Used to Call “Church”

While the Catholic Church reaffirms its ban on women’s ordination and Protestant Churches are musing on (or in denial over) the question of emerging church, Authentic Freedom Academy is about the business of BEING the new church. I hesitate to … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ “No” to Women’s Ordination – Another Nail in the Coffin

When Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope and took the name of Francis on March, 13, 2013, I held out little hope for any significant doctrinal change, even saying so publicly. Over the course of his reign, I have been … Continue reading

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My Sacred Heart

In a moment that can only be thought of as pure, Divine intervention, the image I use to represent Authentic Freedom transformed from alternatively, hands releasing a dove in flight, or the hallowed halls of an academic institution, to a … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Stop Hiding Your Magic!

Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to be a vessel through which the Divine is revealed in our world. Some are gifted with the magic of teaching, others with healing, others with prophecy, support, guidance, compassion, mercy, … Continue reading

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Revealing the “New” in What Has Formerly Been Called “Church”

It is no longer about building the new world. It is about BEING the new world. – Lauri Ann Lumby For those of us who came here to be leaders in bringing forth the new world – in helping others … Continue reading

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Claiming What is Truly Ours

“We are afraid of her. For centuries we have wanted nothing to do with her. Now she returns into our midst. She is substantively weighted down by a special knowledge. She is saturated with hidden forces. Her one key move … Continue reading

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