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Five Steps toward Healing Co-Dependency

Co-dependency has been defined in many ways. At the most basic level, co-dependency is based on the false premise that it is our job to make other people happy and that if we do not, they will no longer love … Continue reading

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You Don’t Complete Me!

Damn, You Don’t Complete Me! Many relationships entered into in our youth are established upon the illusion that the other person will complete us.  We look to the other to fill the emptiness and longing we feel inside.  Eventually, we … Continue reading

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Not My Fault

At the end of the day, all we really want as human beings is to know that we are love(d).  We will go to any lengths to insure that we are love(d) – including taking on the fears and unhealed … Continue reading

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Fulfilling our Life Purpose – Virtual Church Meditation Supplement

Please find below, Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, a supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church service of Sunday, June 29, 2014.  The theme this week is fulfilling our life purpose.     Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter Supplement to the Authentic Freedom … Continue reading

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Earth Changes – Hang on to your Hat!

Are you feeling a profound intensity in the world right now? Are you observing an increase in stress, irritability, pressure? Are you or your loved ones feeling ornery, snipping and snarking at each other? Is time feeling rushed, compressed? Do … Continue reading

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Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks

  I am one who has experienced and suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  Compared to many, I would say that my panic attacks and even depression have been mild.  Anxiety, however, seems to have become my constant companion.  … Continue reading

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Dark Night of the Relationship – Undoing Co-Dependency

The purpose of the midlife and menopause journey is to birth our Soul – the uniquely creative way in which we have been gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment and through which we are called to contribute to the … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Life Review

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote on the topic of forgiveness and the on-going, figure eight shaped process we are invited to undergo in that journey.  In today’s blog, I explore more deeply the stage of forgiveness that includes what I … Continue reading

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Surprise Blog! If They Only Knew

While I promised a twelve day hiatus, it seems the Holy Spirit has other plans.  In today’s blog, we explore the shadow aspect of ourselves, the part we keep hidden, protected, sheltered, the part we rarely show to the outside … Continue reading

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The Cold Black Hole of Hatred

What do we do with the negative emotions of the human experience?  In today’s blog, we explore the emotion of hatred. Setting the bar While the perfectionist in me has set the spiritual evolution bar to be situated somewhere between … Continue reading

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