Order of Melchizedek Training Level One

Order of Melchizedek Level One Training

          22 lessons in ritual and divination practices

This course provides the foundation for ritual and ceremonial magic, integrating Kabbalistic teachings with the simple practices of native cultures. The rituals here are adapted to meet the intention of Union, moving beyond the popular notion that the purpose of magic is to “get what we want.”  Employing these practices supports and amplifies the intention of Union while facilitating the healing and release of that which resides within you that is blocking the experience of Union and hindering your ability to be an empty channel through which the Divine Purpose of Love can be made manifest in our world.  While appearing simple, these lessons will have a profound impact on your inner and outer experiences.  You will be changed and your life will change as a result.

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Lessons One: UNION

The original meaning and purpose of magic


Lesson Two:             Ritual of Dedication

A daily dedication in service to the Divine


Lesson Three: Attunement to the Divine Name

A daily attunement to the Divine Name


Lesson Four:            The Hexagram/Anahata/Star of David/Seal of Solomon

The power and meaning of the 6-sided star


Lesson Five:             Emanating Love ritual

A daily ritual for clearing and sanctifying space


Lesson Six: Agape (Divine Love) Bath

            A daily practice for clearing and aligning our energetic bodies


Lesson Seven: Introduction to the Tarot and its Kabbalistic origins

The tarot as a metaphor for our own “hero’s journey,” as and a teaching tool for the Kabbalah, and as a source of divination


Lesson Eight: The Wheel of Life

Introduction and attunement to the Divine directions


Lesson Nine: The East


Lesson Ten: The South


Lesson Eleven: The West


Lesson Twelve: The North


Lesson Thirteen: Spirit/the Heavens


Lesson Fourteen: Gaia


Lesson Fifteen: The Divine Names

Attuning to and applying the power of the Divine name


Lesson Sixteen: Tree of Life (introduction)

The ancient mysticism of Judaism and the path of consciousness evolution


Lesson Seventeen: Archangels (introduction)

Our helpers and our guides


Lesson Eighteen: The Holy Bride

The lost feminine archetype and the culmination of the human journey toward enlightenment.


Lesson Nineteen: White Magic vs. Black Magic

Humility and pride in magic


Lesson Twenty: The Adversary/the role of temptation

The inner forces which seek to obstruct our path


Lesson Twenty One: Ordination

Ordination as a Level One practitioner


Lesson Twenty-Two: Bringing it all together.


Required texts and materials for this course:

B.O.T.A. or traditional Rider-Waite Tarot themed card deck with guidebook. (I use the Gnostic Tarot of the Saints by Robert M. Place )

Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ by Tau Malachi

The Emerald Tablet by Dennis William Hauck


Suggested Reading:

Witchcrafting by Phyllis Curott

Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway