Love Warriors Membership

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Membership includes:

  • The Love Warrior online Basic Training course.
  • FREE access to the Authentic Freedom weekly newsletter.
  • Savings on individual online courses. (Authentic Freedom Mastery Program and the Magdalene Priest/Priestess Training are excluded from this offer.)
  • Access to the Private online community.
  • Ongoing resources and guidance as it becomes available.
  • Exclusive Love Warriors Content
  • Local and online Love Warrior gatherings and events.

Become a member today:

In order to support the efforts of the Love Warriors mission, I am asking for a love offering.  If you are able to contribute financially, please choose from the options below.

***If you are unable to make a financial contribution at this time, but still want to participate in the Love Warriors mission, please email me directly at lauri (at) authenticfreedomacademy (dot) com with the subject line “Love Warriors” along with a description of what you are able to offer (Prayer, networking, social sharing, professional contacts, graphic design work, etc.  Every love offering will be welcome).

Thank you for your interest and participation in the efforts of non-violent social change.

$50.00 monthly love offering:


$25.00 monthly love offering:


$10.00 monthly love offering:


$5.00 monthly love offering:


$2.22 monthly love offering:




You may also make a donation or set up a monthly payment option of your own choosing:




 Upon receipt of your love offering:

  • You will enrolled in our Love Warriors Online “Basic Training” Course where you will learn the principles upon which we are founded and the guidelines for non-violent conversation, conflict resolution and activism.  This is also where you will receive Love Warriors exclusive content.
  • You will be subscribed to the Authentic Freedom weekly newsletter.
  • Your email will be added to the online moderated community  through Facebook. (In a “secret” Facebook group only members are able to view and post content.)
  • Your email address will be added to our email mailing list to receive notification of new educational material, articles, online courses and more.