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Meeting Mary Magdalene

In 1978, I had my first personal, mystical encounter with the Christ and the Magdalene.  They came to me through the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, where for the first time I realized Jesus’ humanity and that Mary Magdalene played a much … Continue reading

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My Latest Book, ONLY LOVE, Available Now!!!!!!

Only Love – The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene A collection of writings received by Lauri Ann Lumby on behalf of Mary Magdalene. The ultimate purpose of these teachings is to support the world as it moves out of the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

I can think of no better way to celebrate FREEDOM than offering you a sneak peek at my next book……out this summer! From the Magdalene herself: My beloved sisters and brothers, We are in an exciting time in the evolution … Continue reading

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My Secret Pain – the Call of Beloved Partnership

It is said that “the truth shall set you free.” I have continued to find this to be true.  But knowing that in expressing our truth we shall find freedom and actually expressing our truth are two different things, especially … Continue reading

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We Choose the World We Live In

Before man are life and death, good and evil, whichever he chooses shall be given him. Sirach 15: 17 Every single moment of every single day, we choose the world we are living in. There is nothing “new” about this … Continue reading

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I Know Why I’m Here

I know why I’m here. I’ve always known it.  From the first time I heard this song: And every minute thereafter, I have known it. It has only taken me 51 (almost 52) years to believe it. I am here … Continue reading

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The Magdalene’s Lament

My Beloved Christ, For 2000 years I’ve awaited your return. As you wander the hallowed halls of the heavenly kingdom, I have languished in my earthly prison, forever and always alone, and longing for you. As you are serenaded by … Continue reading

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Power in the Darkness

After creating and launching three new online courses, including my entire Authentic Freedom and Magdalene Priestess Training curricula, I have been enjoying a creative hiatus. As creative types understand, after massive creative output, one needs time to empty and then … Continue reading

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Ascended Mastery – Welcome Home

It has been awhile since I have received a message from “beyond.” Well…this week I received TWO.  What initiated the reception of both these messages were discussions that arose between myself and several of my colleagues and companions on this … Continue reading

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The Dark Goddess in the Bible

  Click on image above to learn more and to register. Every culture and religious/spiritual tradition has its dark goddess. There is Kali in the Hindu religion, Pele in the Hawaiian culture, the Celts have the Morrigan, the Sumerian’s had … Continue reading

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