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$30.00 off the Resurrecting the Magdalene online course

$30.00 off the regular price now through July 22, 2018 Mary, called Magdalene achieved the goal of the human experience – to become both fully human and fully divine.  In doing so, Mary embodied the Divine Feminine and the Divine … Continue reading

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We are the Magdalene

We are the Magdalene. We live and walk and work among you.  We come from all walks of life, from every tribe of the human race.  We are women.  We are men.  We are those who have completed the task … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene the First Pope?

Who did Jesus really ordain as his successor – Peter or Mary Magdalene? This is a question that has plagued Christianity since Jesus died on the cross.  Michael Hearns’ groundbreaking book, Mary Magdalene – the First Pope, sheds new light … Continue reading

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Existential Rage, Appropriation and Sheeple

Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks: Existential Rage – the energy of my mission, purpose and calling seeking its fulfillment coming up against the brick wall of perceived obstacles to its fulfillment.  It was another one of … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene and Easter – Raging on Her Behalf

Happy Easter?  I am hesitant to give honor to this sacred feast until the wrong that has been done to Mary Magdalene has been righted!  We are two thousand years past the event of Jesus’ resurrection and STILL Mary Magdalene … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the Magdalene – Special Pricing

 Make Mary Magdalene part of your Holy Week/Easter observance, or simply because you are drawn to her and wish to attune to her presence. $30.00 off the regular price pricing good through April 25, 2018 Click on the image above … Continue reading

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How Mary Magdalene Provides a Model for Our Spiritual Development

In the Western spiritual tradition, the focus is often on suffering, sacrifice and death.  While these are important topics in the journey of our spiritual development, in focusing only on sacrifice and death, we have forgotten how to live. Mary … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got To Do With It: “Only Love-The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene” Book Review

Thank you Kim Hageman for this beautifully and professionally written review on one of  my latest books, Only Love – the Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene.  Read Kim’s Review HERE. 

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Union – Available NOW!

My latest book, Union – A Year of Spiritual Lessons and Practices with Mary Magdalene is available NOW through Amazon! Mary Magdalene is many things to many people, but to the initiated, she is the Beloved of Christ, his co-equal … Continue reading

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A Witch! A Witch!

Responding to the Catholic self-appointed inquisition. Just when I think I am off their radar and free of the wrath of the Catholic self-appointed inquisition, they rear their fearful head. This morning as I was enjoying a glimpse of the … Continue reading

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