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Receiving a Vision and Seeing it Through

For many years I have used the Tarot as a source of guidance and support. I do not believe the cards themselves are guiding me, but that the archetypal images are reflecting back to me the deep truths I know … Continue reading

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Existential Rage, Appropriation and Sheeple

Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks: Existential Rage – the energy of my mission, purpose and calling seeking its fulfillment coming up against the brick wall of perceived obstacles to its fulfillment.  It was another one of … Continue reading

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The Call of the Prophet and its Curse

The call of the prophet and the gift of prophecy is one of the spiritual gifts that is explored in my work of supporting the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of change agents.  Discerning our gifts and how we are called … Continue reading

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“Satan’s” Impeccable Timing

Lessons on confronting the adversary…   Saturday morning I was reminded that Satan is real. “He” showed up on my doorstep in the person condemning me to hell for, in so many words, being a witch.  I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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Guided Meditations all $13.00 or less!

I’m so excited to share with you my latest guided meditations/soul activations. All are available online and all are priced at $13.00 or less!  (Click on the images below to learn more and register for the “course”.)  These courses support … Continue reading

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Book of Life Activation and Guided Meditation

The Book of Life Divination Practice is a tool that we can return to again and again in the search for guidance and direction in our lives. This practice is based on the ancient wisdom that says we chose the … Continue reading

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The Soul Knows – Finding Our Way in Life

If there isn’t a “God out there” to guide us (Read Parts I and Parts II of this week’s series “God Does Not Save”), then where do we find the guidance we need to navigate this thing called life? (cue … Continue reading

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My Magic is This……What is Yours?

Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to be LOVE in the world. When we came into this world, we knew what our unique gifts were, but through societal conditioning (“writers are a dime a dozen,” “you can’t … Continue reading

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Why I’m Choosing Prozac

  Trauma A creeping sensation crawling up the length of my spine, Arriving at the base of my skull, Gripping my head like a vice, Wrapping its tentacles around my ears and jaw, Pain creeping over the top of my … Continue reading

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Hearing the Voice of My Soul

Today I find that I am faced with an invitation to make a complete and dramatic change in my life – one that is absolutely critical to my own wellbeing. This change will move me away from 50 years of … Continue reading

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