Healing the Wounded Masculine

Healing the Wounded Masculine

For three nights in a row I have had dreams about the wounded masculine – specifically the wounded masculine within me. As the ancients have said, when things come in threes, it is a clear message from Spirit. In this case, it is an invitation to recognize and then heal the wounded masculine within me and in doing so, providing an invitation, support, guidance and direction for others in doing the same.

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The Dreams

As is most always the case, dreams speak to us in the language of symbols. The dreams that came through for me are no different.  All of the dreams featured myself and a “lover.”  In each of the dreams, “the lover” was wounded, injured or broken in some way.  The first was a transgender male who had just had “bottom” surgery and was still in extreme pain in his newly attached “masculine” power center.  In the second dream, “the lover” was excruciatingly attractive, but was imprisoned by addiction.  The lover in the third dream was physically paralyzed from the waist down.  In every dream, I was the woman (feminine) trying to love the wounded male into wholeness – or at the very least to let him know that even in his brokenness, he was loved. As every dream interpreter would suggest, “the lovers” in the dream also represent aspects of myself – specifically the distorted masculine qualities I have taken on trying to make it in a world ruled by a distorted aspect of the masculine and driven by fear, power and control.  The wounded masculine in the dream represents how taking on these distorted masculine qualities have done damage to my soul.

How the Distorted (Unholy) Masculine has done me (us) harm

When we live in a culture ruled by fear, power and control, we are shown that the only way to succeed, to get your needs met, is through striving, driving, forcing, and cajoling. Achievement becomes our goal and is defined by external means.  In Western culture, achievement is measured by money, material possessions and fame.  If we become rich and famous, or better yet, get our own reality show, we have made it.  We have achieved the goal of Western society.  What we are not told, however, is that the striving, driving, forcing and cajoling that it takes to “make it” in a culture driven by fear, power and control, is killing us.  Perhaps not those who have “made it,” but the rest of us who are “forced” to live according to these means of “achievement” are dying.  And if those who have “made” it aren’t dying on the outside, they are dying on the inside for selling their Soul to the highest bidder.  The proof of this dying (the wounded masculine) is present all around us – from the destruction of our environment to increasing poverty to the rampant increase in stress related disease to increasing violence related to gun deaths, suicide and war.  The wounded masculine within all of us is screaming to be seen so we can begin to do the work of healing.

The Wounded Masculine in Me

As a woman working in a world ruled by the distorted masculine (or what some are now calling toxic masculinity), I have been told that the key to success is hard work and that the harder I work the more successful I will become. I have been told that my success is measured by how much money I make and how famous I become.  I have been told that if I am struggling financially, or if my books aren’t best sellers, it is because I have not worked hard enough and that if I want more money or renown, I simply need to work more.  I’ve also been told by the distorted masculine in the “new thought” communities that my success is dependent on my thoughts.  That if I think good thoughts (and the right thoughts) then I will have everything I want in the way of money and success.  And if I have not yet achieved my financial goals, or I am struggling financially it is because I’m thinking the wrong thoughts or not working hard enough at thinking right thoughts.  There are those who say “God wants you to be rich and famous” and if I’m not yet rich and famous it is because I haven’t done enough for God (or put enough money in the collection basket).  I’ve been given formulas, strategic plans, marketing plans from so-called business experts who say the answer is to blog more, network more, send out more fliers, hold more classes, offer more free stuff, do more promotions, write more classes, write more classes on “this topic,” do more podcasts, offer more videos, do seminars, get my own TedTalk, offer more workshops and retreats, travel more, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  Everyone has an answer to how to “build my success” but here’s the thing:

I’ve done everything the world (based in fear, power and control which measures success in money, material possessions and fame) has told me to do and it is killing me! Not only is it killing me, it has produced nothing.  I’m not rich (on many days I’m just trying to keep a roof over my head) and I’m certainly not famous.

Yes, I’ve published some books, I have a few internet “followers” and a small community of students and clients, but none of this came as a result of driving, striving, forcing or cajoling. None of this came by following someone’s “formula for success.”  Instead, it came from following the promptings of my Soul which have absolutely nothing to do with “working harder” and everything to do with magic – or what some might call love.

Healing the Wounded Masculine in all of us

While some might find joy in driving, striving, forcing and cajoling (none of which should be confused with the Spirit-driven quest to fulfill the purpose of our Soul which sometimes looks like “hard work”), I suspect that the vast majority of humanity, like me, is suffering under the current “formula for success.” In order to heal our suffering, we have to go against the cultural norm, turning away from the voice of the distorted masculine that says “work harder, work more” and turning toward the voice of our Soul.  The voice of our Soul is that which speaks to us in the quiet places within when the mind is at rest, communicating to us the formula for “true success” – that which provides the resources, the inspiration and the drive for fulfilling our Soul’s purpose.  Our Soul’s purpose is made up of the unique way in which we have been gifted to find meaning in our lives and through which we find fulfillment in sharing these gifts for ourselves and for the sake of the betterment of the world.

Harnessing the Holy Masculine

While the process of listening to the voice of the Soul arises out of the Holy Feminine within us, the Holy Masculine puts the Soul’s guidance into action. The inner masculine supports the desires of the Soul, protecting it from outside (and inner) interference, and providing all the Soul needs to come into its fulfillment. The way in which the Holy Feminine reveals the path of the Soul and in which the Holy Masculine tends to the unfolding of the soul differs from one to another, but for me, this is what it looks like –

In listening to the Holy Feminine:

  1. I have come to understand that my Soul’s purpose is love.
  2. The unique way I have been called to be that love in the world is to support the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of humanity.
  3. I live out that calling through my unique gifts of vision (prophecy), empathy, discernment, encouragement (counseling), teaching, writing, leadership and healing.
  4. In order to serve humanity in this capacity, I need to tend to the needs of my Soul, specifically, the need for: solitude, daily meditation and prayer, nourishment (for both my physical body and my soul), exercise, family, healthy loving and mutually supportive friendships, spiritual community.

What does this look like on a daily basis? This is the work of the Holy Masculine:

  • Dedication to my daily (twice daily) spiritual practice.
  • Yoga
  • Walks in nature
  • Time for reading and learning
  • Time for writing
  • Honoring my need for solitude
  • Preparing nourishing and enjoyable meals for myself and my family
  • “Be” time with my children
  • Time with friends
  • Remaining active in the wider community
  • And in the midst of this, my Holy Child calls for play!

Now here’s the funny thing, when I am diligent in tending to the needs of my soul (the masculine quality of provision and support), those things by which we measure “success” in our Western world (money, notoriety) take care of themselves. When I put my needs first, what I need in order to survive in this world (for me that equals: paying students and clients, book sales) simply shows up.  Not because I worked hard or followed some “proven formula for success,” but simply because I took care of myself.

This is the magic of the Holy Masculine – when we allow “him” to provide, support and  protect the needs of the Soul (an act of profound self-love), the rest simply falls into place.




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What Does it Mean to be Like Jesus?

Jesus did not come to teach us how to get to heaven. Jesus came so that we might know how to experience heaven on earth. We experience heaven on earth when we, like Jesus, we come to understand the truth of Oneness:

The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.   John 17: 22-23

(Learn more about Jesus’ teachings on Oneness in our online course Deepening Freedom – The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus. )

Jesus experienced this Oneness as peace, contentment, love and joy. In this state of Oneness, Jesus was able to transcend the inherent fears and false perceptions of the human condition, avoid the temptations of the ego/false self, and find clear guidance and direction in his life.  Jesus called this experience of Oneness “The Kingdom of God” and sought to teach everyone who would listen how to attain this state of Oneness.

In coming to know this Oneness ourselves, we remember that we are the beloved children of God. In this the mission of Jesus has been fulfilled for we have become like him – Daughters and Sons of the Living God who is known and experienced as love.

See what love the Father has bestowed on us
that we may be called the children of God.
Yet so we are.
The reason the world does not know us
is that it did not know him.
Beloved, we are God’s children now;
what we shall be has not yet been revealed.
We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like him,
for we shall see him as he is.

1 JN 3: 1-2

Listen to Lauri’s guest appearance on Healing Fountain with Cindy Bentley HERE.  

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Lauri Ann Lumby on BlogTalk Radio

Don’t miss:
Lauri Ann Lumby
in her guest appearance on
BlogTalk Radio’s Healing Fountain
hosted by Cindy Bentley.

Monday, April 16, 2018
4:00 pm Central Daylight Time
Join us HERE. 
(all episodes are archived for later enjoyment)

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Lovers and Liars: You Say You’re a Christian?

If we say that we are Christian but are selective about who and how we love, we are liars. Rather, we are wounded and broken people who have not yet come to know the fullness of God’s unmerited and unconditional love. In order to love in the way Jesus calls us to love, we first have to heal those places within where we do not yet know love.  Authentic Freedom provides the tools and resources to help us learn this love.

My children, I am writing this to you
so that you may not commit sin.
But if anyone does sin, we have an Advocate with the Father,
Jesus Christ the righteous one.
He is expiation for our sins,
and not for our sins only but for those of the whole world.
The way we may be sure that we know him is to keep
his commandments.
Those who say, “I know him,” but do not keep his commandments
are liars, and the truth is not in them.
But whoever keeps his word,
the love of God is truly perfected in him

1 JN 2: 1-5a


Lovers and Liars

In this week’s letter from John, the author makes no apologies for their opinion of those who say they “know Jesus” but who are not living according to the commandments that Jesus laid out for them. The author calls them liars. Jesus called the same kind of people hypocrites. These are people who say they “know Jesus” or who have “proclaimed Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior,” who attend mass every Sunday, show up for coffee and donuts, maybe even serve on the parish council, and who feel justified in their faith because they are doing what they are told to do in being a “good Christian.”

But are they – “being a good Christian?”

Being a good Christian is not about accepting Jesus as our savior. Neither is it about whether or not we attend mass on Sundays. Being a good Christian is about doing what Jesus did and doing what he commanded us to do:

“Love God. Love your neighbor. Everyone is your neighbor.”


If we say we believe in Jesus and think of him as our savior and teacher, but choose to be selective about this love piece, then we are liars. If we think we are loving our neighbor, but refuse to take the next steps which Jesus called us to do:

Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Heal the sick. Set captives free. Provide a home to the homeless. Etc. etc. etc. etc………ETC.

Then we are liars.

  • When we turn a blind eye to those in need….we are liars.
  • When we allow our privilege to blind us to the deep needs of others, we are liars.
  • When we believe that fulfilling the “American Dream” is simply a matter of hard work and effort and have no compassion for those who are struggling just to get their basic needs met and then judge them as worthless and lazy…we are liars.
  • When we believe the illusion of “equal opportunity” we are liars.
  • When we blindly throw money at organizations who serve the needs of those in need but do not take action to change a system that places these people in need in the first place…we are liars.
  • When we judge others without first walking a mile in their shoes…we are liars.
  • When we refuse to advocate for those who have not because of some judgement we have of them (usually based in grave misinformation) we are liars.

Every single time we say we “know Jesus” but turn away from those in desperate need – the poor, the outcast, the disenfranchised, etc. we are liars. The author of John, it seems, has no patience for liars. According to scripture, neither did Jesus.

Or did they?

What if the final verses of John’s letter are not judgement or condemnation, but a simple observation of fact:

Those who say, “I know him,” but do not keep his commandments
are liars, and the truth is not in them.


Those who John is calling liars, are simply those who think they know Jesus and the truth Jesus came to reveal, but who in fact do not. They do not (or have not yet come to know) the LOVE of God that Jesus came to know and then sought to teach to the world. Not having come to know the unmerited, unconditional love of God, they are unable to live the love that God is and which God seeks to be through them. As such, they have no choice but to live in non-loving ways (or in ways that are limited). This doesn’t make them a bad person, simply one who does not yet know the breadth and depth of God’s love and who has much yet to learn.

Coming to know the fullness of God’s love is a journey of healing – healing the fears, false perceptions and ego attachments that otherwise stand in the way of fully knowing God’s love. In being open to and doing the difficult work of identifying and then allowing these fears to be healed, the experience of knowing God’s love deepens and widens and we are more and more able to live the fullness of Jesus’ commandments. Or as John so astutely observed:

But whoever keeps his word,
the love of God is truly perfected in him.

 How are you being called to allow the Love of God to be perfected in you? How are you called to support others in doing the same?

Please join Lauri Ann Lumby on Monday, April 16th on Blogtalk Radio where she will be the guest of Cindy Bentley with Healing Fountain.  Learn more and join HERE. 

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Mary Magdalene and Easter – Raging on Her Behalf

Happy Easter?  I am hesitant to give honor to this sacred feast until the wrong that has been done to Mary Magdalene has been righted!  We are two thousand years past the event of Jesus’ resurrection and STILL Mary Magdalene is getting the shaft (pun intended  #MeToo).  It was not Peter, but Mary who witnessed the risen Christ and it was Mary who was ordained (yes, I said ORDAINED) to carry the message to the other disciples (who were cowering in fear and shame in the Upper Room…too chicken to accompany their “teacher” and “best friend” through his trial, crucifixion and death!!!!!  WIMPS!).  Not only was Mary Magdalene sent to tell the other disciples, it was to her that Jesus imparted his deepest teachings and who he ordained (yes, I said it again!) to carry those teaching out into the world – most especially, the protocol through which the world could be transformed from fear into love.

But no…..the Church still clings to their attachment to Petrine Privilege and in spite of what biblical scholars now tell us, Mary is still cast in the role of repentant whore (ala Jesus Christ Superstar) and it is “Peter who Jesus chose to build his Church.” Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know that Pope Francis did some nice thing by saying Mary wasn’t the sinful woman of scripture even “giving her a feast day” (which by the way, Mary already had so this was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of the Vatican).  But until the Catholic Church acknowledges all the places where scripture has been redacted (changed) or interpreted to support Petrine Privilege, (John 20: 2-10, MT 16: 15-19) I will not be satisfied.  Neither will the Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene – the Forgotten Apostle

For two thousand years, Mary Magdalene has languished as the forgotten apostle.  Diminished to sinful woman, prostitute and whore, her role in the Jesus story overlooked and her mission after the resurrection completely obliterated from history, or discarded as heresy.  (I often wonder what Mary Magdalene truths are hiding under lock and key in basement of the Vatican).  She shares the lead role with Jesus in the resurrection story and yet, just this past weekend I heard of a priest who used the Easter homily to denigrate the Magdalene for having no faith and running away in the face of the Risen Christ.  WHAT!!????  Where did he come up with that interpretation?  Oh I know….the Church’s own #MeToo that began and (if I have my way) ends with Mary Magdalene.

The Church and its Rejection of Women

#MeToo Catholic Church: There is only one explanation for the Church’s wholesale rejection of the Magdalene – and that is the rejection of WOMEN!  Jesus preached and modeled equality.  He was RADICAL in his welcoming of all those who were otherwise rejected in a patriarchal/hierarchical society.  He welcomed EVERYONE and he placed women on equal footing with the men who gathered around him.  As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir – especially among Jesus’ male followers (Mark 14: 3-9, John 12: 1-7). But when push came to shove, it was the women who provided for Jesus’ ministry (Luke 8: 1-3) and who stood by Jesus’ side as he faced his trial, crucifixion, death, and burial while the men (the possible exception being John) cowered in the Upper Room (where they were still hiding on Easter morning).  It was the women, who supported Jesus likely BECAUSE for the first time in their lives, they felt seen, heard, called, and empowered for who they were as women and for the unique gifts they had to offer the world.

Learn about the Temple of the Magdalene Priest/Priestess Training HERE

But as soon as Jesus wasn’t looking, the Church threw it all away.  No one talks about the women (except maybe virginal Mother Mary).  No one talks about the Magdalene (except frustrated women like myself).  (In fact, have you noticed how the “Paul the Apostle” movie made its U.S. debut to rave reviews while the Mary Magdalene movie is gathering dust on the #MeTooWeinstein shelves?????  UGH!!!!!!)  No one points out that Jesus called for equality….and his first act as the Christ was to commission…no, ORDAIN, a woman to continue in his stead.  But as soon as the Magdalene was ordained, she was set aside (and every woman since).  The male disciples didn’t believe her tale of the risen Christ and had to see for themselves before they would believe.  Not one of them came forward to Mary and said, “Gosh, I’m sorry.  You were right.  Please help us to see how you see and to know what you know?”  Instead, the men went off without her….and the rest is HIStory.

Mary Magdalene’s Herstory

Or is it?  HERstory remains where all of Jesus’ other truths remain – hiding in plain sight, for those who have eyes to see and for those who have ears to hear.  Magdalene is the TOWER (Magdalene is a title which means, “Tower of the Flock”) of what Jesus really set out to do – TEACH THE WORLD HOW TO LOVE.  In the gospel attribute to Mary Magdalene, we get a glimpse into her unique understanding and knowledge and how she sought to communicate the process that Jesus taught which would help people heal their fears so that they could remember how to love.  Even then, the disciples didn’t believe her, but Mary carried on.  Legends tell us that she was eventually forced to leave the Jerusalem community of disciples and made her own way in the world – first to Egypt, then to southern France and then perhaps even to western England.  While there is nothing (currently) to prove the verity of the Magdalene legends, we do have one proof and that is faith – the same faith that allowed Mary to understand the depth of Jesus’ teachings, to hold on to hope in the face of her Beloved’s death and which allowed her to SEE and KNOW the truth of the Risen Christ.

Learn about the Magdalene Priesthood HERE. 

From where I stand, the Easter story will never be complete until the Magdalene is given her due. Neither will the story of Jesus who became the Christ, for it was only because of Mary Magdalene and her faith that anyone came to know of the resurrection in the first place.  It is long past time we set the record straight – not just for Mary, but for all women (and men), who like her seek to be vessels through which our world can be turned from fear into love – what Jesus and Mary Magdalene taught us and now call us to do.

Learn more and register for the online course Resurrecting the Magdalene.

Learn the protocol that Jesus and Mary Magdalene taught for turning our world from fear into love: 

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Mary Magdalene’s Easter Message to Humanity

Mary Magdalene speaks to all of humanity about the current state of our consciousness revolution.  We are at a time of swift endings and great new beginnings.  We are observing the crucifixion and death of all that has been built on fear, power and control, as we are ushering in the second coming of humanity – the birth of the age of love and a joining together in unity consciousness.  She invites us all to step forth out of the tombs we have created for ourselves which have been made of our hesitation and fear and into the love we were meant to be.

Read Post HERE

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Jesus and the Path to Love

Jesus came to know and then sought to teach the Path to Love. During Holy Week we reflect on Jesus’ journey on the path to love and on how we are invited to do the same.

excerpt from Authentic Freedom Weekly Newsletter

Christ Jesus, though he was in the form of God,
did not regard equality with God
something to be grasped.
Rather, he emptied himself,
taking the form of a slave,
coming in human likeness;
and found human in appearance,
he humbled himself,
becoming obedient to the point of death,
even death on a cross.
Because of this, God greatly exalted him
and bestowed on him the name
which is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus
every knee should bend,
of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

Phil 2: 6-11


Jesus – Man and Example

Jesus was born an ordinary man. Somewhere and somehow through his human experience, Jesus was awakened to the Presence and Action of the Divine within and among him. Though we do not know how he came into this awareness, we can surmise that it came partially (if not wholly) through his Jewish faith. As Jesus grew in his knowledge of God, he grew in knowledge of himself, eventually coming into the knowledge and belief of his original nature in Oneness with God. Jesus called and experienced this state of Oneness intermittently as union, love, peace, and truth. This Oneness is what Jesus taught as “the truth that shall set you free.”

As Jesus grew in his intimate state of Oneness with God, he then sought to teach others the process of coming to know that truth that would give them the same sense of freedom that he had come to know in God. In this, Jesus became both the man and the example. By living his Oneness as Love, Jesus showed others how to live. In living this Love, Jesus awakened others to the truth of Oneness within them, and then showed them how to master that LOVE. The process that Jesus underwent, and then taught others is hiding in plain sight in both canonical and non-canonical scripture and can be found with those who have eyes to see and a heart open to love (and with a little guidance on how to find the truth that is hiding behind the veil of dogma).

Jesus’ formula for the path to love is simple and has been articulated in the scripture passage that says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God..and all the rest shall be given unto you.” As we seek to know God, we come to know ourselves. As we come to know ourselves, we come to know God. The nearer we draw toward God, the more we are confronted by those things within ourselves (fears, false beliefs, unhealed wounds, dysfunctional societal conditioning, ego attachments, etc.) that are not reflective of the unconditional and unbidden love of God which unleashes our love of self. As such, the journey toward God is one of healing, but it is also one of stumbling. In our journey toward God we are challenged by all within us that is not “of love” so that we might transform these non-loving fears, behaviors, perceptions, etc. into the truth of the LOVE that we are as Sons and Daughters of God, becoming more and more perfect in Love every step of the way. Jesus struggled with these fears, as did all those who were guided by his presence and the example he set. During these final days of Lent, we focus our attention on these struggles – within and seemingly outside of Jesus and in the life of those he called his disciples. No one is exempt from the ministrations of “the adversary” for it is in confronting and moving through our fears that we find the liberation that Jesus promised. As he did……so shall we do.

Enjoy weekly spiritual inspiration and support on your own path to love through the Temple of the Magdalene/Authentic Freedom weekly newsletter.  Learn more and subscribe by clicking on the image below:





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Resurrecting the Magdalene – Special Pricing

 Make Mary Magdalene part of your Holy Week/Easter observance, or simply because you are drawn to her and wish to attune to her presence.

$30.00 off the regular price

pricing good through April 25, 2018

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Jesus as a Model for Self-Actualization

Jesus became self-actualized and sought to teach others how to achieve self-actualization. Today’s blog explores Jesus and his teachings as a model of psychological and spiritual development through which we are empowered to become self-actualized and through which we are able to be freed of the obstacles which prevent us from reaching our full potential as human beings.

Has Jesus Become Irrelevant?

It saddens me that in our quest for intellectualism and individuation, Jesus and his teachings seem to have become irrelevant. When we pierce through the veil of dogma, however, what we see is that Jesus provides a model for psychological and spiritual development which supports the self-actualization of those following his example. What Jesus taught rivals the currently popular paths toward enlightenment and might even be more befitting those who were raised in the Christian tradition. While I acknowledge all these paths as holy and sacred and as valid means through which we can develop and grow as human beings, I contend that we are missing a HUGE opportunity by ignoring or worse yet, demonizing, Jesus and the gifts that he brings to the journey of self-actualization.

Jesus as the model

When we read scripture without the threads of dogma obscuring our view, what we see in Jesus is a man who came to understand the fullness of his human potential and who lived that out as freely as was possible. Examining Jesus’ life through the lens of psychological and spiritual development, we see:

  • A man committed to his spiritual practice.
  • Who came to develop a deeply intimate and personal relationship with that which he called “Abwoon” (God).
  • Who found healing, comfort, restoration, inspiration and guidance through this connection with his higher self.
  • Who, through a process of formation and discernment came to understand his unique giftedness and how he was called to live that out.
  • Who overcame the inner obstacles, temptations and fears which might prevent him from living this path with humility
  • Who learned and practiced the gift of spiritual obedience.
  • Who learned to surrender to and trust the Source that was guiding him.
  • Who was able to stand freely and without compromise in his truth, even to the point of death.
  • Who was a force for change and a voice for justice – ministering to and speaking out on behalf of those who had been ostracized by society.
  • Who challenged the laws that provided privilege to some while infringing on the rights of others.

Jesus as the teacher

Jesus did not go up on a mountain, become self- actualized, and then stay there. Instead, Jesus lived his self-actualization in the midst of the human race and taught others how to reach the fullness of their own potential.  Jesus accomplished this through his example, and also through his teachings. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those writers who attempted to capture Jesus’ model and message in the scriptures that have been handed down to us, as well as those that did not quite make the cut (many for obvious political reasons!).  Again, looking past the Institution’s attempt to doctrinize Jesus’ model of psychological and spiritual formation, these are some of the tools Jesus left behind to help us in our own journey toward self-actualization:

  • practices of meditation and prayer which help us to quiet our minds so that we can be open to the higher intelligence that speaks to us in the silence, that guides us, moves us, inspires us, comforts us, heals us.
  • stories which teach us about the call to justice, that speak to us of the importance of compassion and forgiveness, that heal us from our own fears and woundedness, that remind us of our own unique giftedness and the call to share those gifts in the world.
  • The beatitudes – pithy statements that demonstrate for us the natural results of our potential – as we grow toward our human potential, we are naturally poor in spirit, merciful, working for justice, etc.
  • Stories that remind us that first and foremost….we are loved….more than that….we ARE love and that the purpose of the human journey is to remember that love.

Reclaiming Jesus’ path to self-actualization

In honor of the upcoming Holy Week and Easter season, I am extending this challenge:  I am inviting us to set aside the wounds we may have experienced at the hands of religious institutions, to look beyond the veil of dogma and to restore Jesus to his rightful place as psychologist, spiritual director, healer, teacher and guru.  As we celebrate the miracle of Easter, the day that Jesus was first raised form the dead, let us allow for ourselves the Second Coming of Christ and give ourselves permission to know Jesus anew and to look at his example and teachings through new eyes.  And my prayer is that through the light of Christ, we might see the truth beyond the words and in Jesus find our own path to self-actualization.

The Authentic Freedom Mastery Program and Magdalene Priest/Priestess Training provide a structured process for supporting your own journey of self-actualization incorporating a non-doctrinal exploration of and approach to Jesus’ teachings. Enjoy a FREE preview HERE.

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School Walkouts – Our Children Have Spoken

Yesterday, thousands of students across this great nation participated in school walkouts to honor the seventeen students and teachers killed in the Parkland school shooting and to protest gun violence.  Included in the walkout were the public schools of Oshkosh, WI where I live and which my children have attended and still attend.  At Oshkosh North High School, where my daughter graduated and where my son is currently a senior, hundreds of students lined the sidewalk in peaceful protest and solidarity.  Our children have spoken. They have lived in a culture defined by war and violence and they are asking for us to make a change….and if not us, then they will do something about it by voting in the upcoming elections.  I tip my hat to this great generation of visionaries who have grown weary of a nasty and violent world and who have made themselves known as a voice for non-violent social change.  Thank you!

Please watch the following interview with Brock Doemel a senior at Oshkosh North High School:  https://www.thenorthwestern.com/videos/news/2018/03/14/brock-doemel-discusses-oshkosh-north-walkout-protest/3292646

To participate as an agent of non-violent social change, please check out our Love Warriors community.  Learn more HERE. 

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