Disgusted by the Actions of the U.S. Government ?

Me too! I’m so disgusted with the actions of the U.S. government that I find it hard to put it into words….but for the sake of healing and transformation, I will try.

Since November 2016, I have watched as the U.S. government, with Donald Trump at the helm, has taken one action after another after another which places both our own people and the people of the world in harm’s way. While I question most of Donald Trump’s actions, more specifically I question the actions of our “elected” representatives who are standing by in silence watching it all happen.  When children are ripped from the arms of their parents and locked in cages, wondering if they will ever see their families again, and our senators and representatives do nothing about it, there is something horribly wrong.  Even if they wanted to do something about it, it seems their hands (or their wallets) are tied.  (or maybe this is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen so that once and for all we will stop looking to an outside perceived authority to do for us what we could be doing for ourselves). And when our president decides, on his own, to withdraw the United States from membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council, (the pot calling the kettle black) we can’t help but ponder this observation made by the ACLU:

“The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, coupled with its abusive use of power at home, only confirms what we’ve always known — Trump is leading a concerted, aggressive effort to violate basic human rights of those most in need of protection.”

It would be easy for me to devolve here into a political rant, but I will not. I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I do understand the role he is meant to play in the continued evolution of human consciousness, and to those who did vote for him, I say thank you.  Donald Trump is the Angel of Death.  He was appointed to bring about the destruction of that which no longer serves (institutions established and ruled by fear, power and control), so that the new that is trying to come forth may be born.  Unfortunately, like the Angel of Death in the Exodus story, before the new can come into place, death will reign.  This is exactly where we find ourselves today….in the midst of the reign of death.

us government, Donald Trump, Human Rights

The reign of death we are currently facing is the death of everything we have known as a country, including the way in which we govern ourselves and how we interact with the world.  IMMIGRANTS escaping political or religious persecution, or looking for a better life for ourselves and our families, we built a nation.  In order to build that nation, however, we had to be separate – separate from our countries of origin, separate from the rest of the world, separate even from those who we found living on this land when we got here.  We became “The United States of America” and over 200+ years build ourselves into the greatest and richest power in the world.  At one time, it was this forced separation which made us great.  Now, it is proving to be our demise.

Separation kills. Think of what is happening to those children who are being torn from their parents’ grasp.  What do you think their life will look like if they are forced to live out their life in a prison camp, never to see their families again?  What will happen to those children who are never given the comfort of a place they can call home with the people they love?  (For the record…I don’t care if their parents are illegal or what laws are or are not in place or who wrote those laws giving our government the right to separate families in this way!  The whole situation just breaks my heart….and it should be breaking yours too!)

If the kid thing doesn’t get your attention think about all the ways in which separation has killed outright:

  • Slavery
  • The Civil War
  • WWI
  • WWII
  • The Holocaust
  • Vietnam
  • 911
  • School shootings

Every single one of these acts of violence is rooted in separation – the false belief that one nation, race, group of people is any less deserving of life (liberty and the pursuit of happiness) than you are.

We all live in separation. Every single human being who walks this plane is living in separation on one level or another.  Out of separation comes non-loving acts – both toward ourselves and toward others.

Separation is the core wound of humanity. It is the wound that first happens when we are expelled from our mother’s womb, suddenly deprived of the sensation of safely being held in a place where all our needs are met without us having to do a thing about it.  With this separation we come to know fear. When we know fear, we fight (flight or freeze).

It’s that simple. If we ever want to heal the separation in our world and the violence that comes forth out of that separation, we have to learn how to love. Love allows us to lay down our defenses, seek oneness with our fellow human beings and work toward the creation of a world in which the needs of all are being met and where people can live in peace and harmony with one another.

While I am profoundly disgusted by the actions of the U.S. government, I choose not to remain here because disgust is simply another form of separation. Instead, I will pray (because I do believe prayer has power), and I will continue to work toward supporting those who seek to be free of the separation that causes them fear so they can remember how to love.  The more who know this love, the more who will be willing to do the work of building the new world.  The old world is dying and will continue to die….and the new is waiting in anticipation for the moment when the world says “this is enough” and decides TOGETHER to build something new.


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I know what Hell is like.

Hell is not hellfire and brimstone.

Hell is not the devil, Satan, Beelzebub or Lucifer.

Hell is not an army of possessing or torturing demons.

Hell is not the afterlife, the underworld, or a place somewhere “down there” where we spend an eternity suffering for the sins of our human existence.

Oh no….Hell is not “over there,” it is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

hell, hellfire and brimstone, Satan, Lucifer, the devil,

Hell is life on earth when we know fear instead of love, hate instead of compassion, judgment instead of mercy, war instead of peace, separation instead of union.

Hell is the excruciating pain of separation that defines the human experience –

The separation we first felt when we were expelled from our mother’s wombs, suddenly dependent on an outside source for our survival.  Where we were no longer safe, secure, protected….cast out from the place where all our needs were met without us having to do a thing about it…and without our even having to ask.

The separation we feel when we suddenly learn the imperfection of human beings.  When they might not understand or hear our cries of need.  When our needs go unheeded.  When we are told “you don’t need that,” that there is something wrong with our needs or that our needs do not matter.  When we are crying, screaming, begging for our needs to be met, but no one seems to hear….or care.

The separation we feel when we learn that love is conditional.  When we are cast forth from our Source in whose image we were created and where we are seen as “precious and glorious” into a world where love has to be earned and can be taken away.

The separation we feel when who we are doesn’t matter.  Where our gifts have not been acknowledged, supported, or honored as sacred.  When we struggle to find our gifts in a world that says, “Success is defined by money, fame and by how hard you work.” And if we are fortunate enough to find our gifts, Hell is a world that says, “your gifts have no value.”

The separation we feel when we once knew only oneness, contentment, harmony and peace; finding that replaced with conflict, war, jealousy, bitterness, cruelty, hatred, prejudice, ignorance and revenge.  Where we once felt safe, now we feel only worry and fear.

The separation we feel when our truth and our path were once easy to grasp, and now it is hard to find.  Cast forth from a world where there was only one TRUTH and that truth was LOVE into a world where everyone claims to have a monopoly on truth – where their truth is right and everyone else’s is wrong.  Where the inner authority we once knew as LOVE gets covered over by a chorus of external voices screaming at us to listen to their truth….or be condemned to hell!

The separation we feel when we are no longer One with the LOVE that made us and are instead cast out into a world made of fear.

It is in Hell where we are already living and we spend a lifetime trying to find our way out of it.

Authentic Freedom Academy supports you in finding your way out of Hell through our books, online courses and one-on-0ne mentoring.  Click on the highlighted links to learn more or scroll through our menu options above. 

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Reconnect with Your Sacred Sexuality

I am excited and honored to be participating in an online summit specifically dedicated to sexuality, hosted by personal development expert, Jayme Dill:

Reclaim and reconnect to your vital sexual energy!

sex, sexuality, sacred sexuality, sex summit

This FREE online summit features experts from many fields related to human sexuality and personal development. This FREE interview series will run June 25-29, 2018 and once registered, you can listen to the interviews at any time.

Sign up to listen here.

Jayme put this series together because, like me, she believes that Great sex matters, that great sex = great intimacy; energy, creativity and joy!

And at its best sex heals!

Sex creates connection and intimacy; expresses love; passion; desire; aliveness; it’s our connection to our basic humanity, to each other, to our life force spirit and our creativity.

BUT it is not that for many people. Most of us go through periods of disconnect. For many of us, we live too long in separation from our most vital creative life force energy – the energy deeply connected with our sexuality and sexual expression.

We get busy, we get stressed and our sexuality gets pushed aside, not made a priority – in our own life and in our partnerships.

Jayme put this series together because she knows first-hand the disconnect. Like many of us, she’s experienced most of the difficult expressions of sexuality; abuse, trauma, acting out, repressing, shaming, denying, being objectified AND objectifying.

That left her in a place of disconnection – experiencing sex not as a connecting force but as an intimacy barrier in key long term relationships and as an obstacle to creativity.

I’m guessing many of us can relate!

This interview series is about shifting this reality by creating a place for healing. Through this series, sexuality will be explored as a vehicle for personal transformation while supporting our desire for fulfilling human intimacy and meaningful creative expression.

Join us and reclaim and reconnect to your sexuality.


With love and pleasure!

Lauri Ann Lumby



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Saving the World – what if it doesn’t need saving?

Existential Crisis # 874. I have spent my whole life working toward saving the world.  I think it started with a dream, but I believe this desire was present long before the dream.  Somewhere inside me has always been this feeling that something is wrong.  Something wrong with the world.  Something wrong with the people around me.  Something wrong with me So, for 53 years, I have tried to fix that “something wrong.”  Trying to fix this “something wrong” has been directed at myself, at those around me and at the world.  Finding my way into ministry, spiritual counseling and then developing courses in support of people’s journey toward self-actualization (you know…the journey of “getting better”) fit perfectly into this inner drive to save myself, the people around me, and saving the world.  For 26 years, my identity, my work, my creativity has been directed toward this idea of saving the world. But much of this, it seems, has come to an end (or is it a fulfillment?)

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the void which follows the end of what has been, facing down the consequences of the mission to which I have dedicated the last 26 years of my life and trying to find the fruits of these 26 years of really hard work (a few books, some happier people, some great relationships), I came upon a profound question:

What if there is nothing wrong and therefore nothing and no one to save?

saving the world, self-actualization, save the world,

Then my brain exploded.

Or did it?

When I look at this question from the perspective of the journey toward self-actualization, I find I might have come to the end (of course there’s never really an end) to my own journey. If the “goal” of self-actualization is Union with our true self and Union with the world, then it seems logical that in that place of Union all duality falls away.  All perceived separation is brought together as one.  In this, there is no “Us” and “Them,” we are all one in this journey we call life and we are all here to support each other’s awakening and journey toward wholeness.  In this place of mutual support, there is no judgment.  There is nothing wrong.  Every single person is simply where they are on their journey.  Period.  As such, there is no one and nothing to “save.” When we think there is someone who needs saving, or we get our undies in a bundle over things of this world, it is because we remain in separation.  When in Union we know and trust that all that is unfolding is doing so for the  highest good and we are able to find peace and contentment within that unfolding (or at the very least, equanimity) and we realize that nothing is in need of saving.

That being said, there are tools that help us along the way and until I am shown otherwise, I am happy to share the tools that came through me and have worked for me in finding release from the perceived separation that has made me want to save a world that as it turns out, doesn’t need saving.

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My Favorite Books on Human Development

As a teacher of and guide for human development, I could not do this work without those who have gone before me. In my own journey of human development, I have come across teachers, guides and authors whose work has profoundly influenced my own journey, along with the work I do.  Below is a list of my favorite books on human development, those which have most supported me in my own journey toward self-actualization.  Thank you to all those who have gone before me!

Bridges, William (2004). Transitions – making sense of life’s changes. Cambridge, Perseus Books.

Kiersey, David & Bates, Marilyn (1984). Please Understand Me – character and temperament types. Del Mar, CA. Prometheus Nemesis Book Company.

Maslow, Abraham (1970). Motivation and Personality. New York, NY. Harper and Row.

Maslow, Abraham (1968). Toward a Psychology of Being. New York, NY. Van NostrandReinhold Company.

Maitri, Sandra (2000). The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram. New York, NY.Jeremy P. Tarcher.

Maitri, Sandra (2005). The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues. New York, NY. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

Palmer, Parker (2004). A Hidden Wholeness – the journey toward an undivided life. San Francisco, CA. Jossey-Bass.

Palmer, Parker (2000). Let Your Life Speak – listening for the voice of vocation. San Francisco, CA. Jossey – Bass

Plotkin, Bill (2003). Soulcraft – crossing into the mysteries of nature and psyche. Novato, CA. New World Library.

Plotkin, Bill (2008). Nature and the Human Soul – cultivating wholeness and community in a fragmented world. Novato, CA. New World Library.

Riso, Don Richard & Hudson, Russ (1999). The Wisdom of the Enneagram. New York, NY. Bantam Books.

Riso, Don Richard & Hudson, Russ (2003). Discovering Your Personality Type. New York, NY. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Tallard Johnson, Julie (2010). Wheel of Initiation – practices for releasing your inner light. Rochester, VT. Inner Traditions.

In support of your own human development journey, check out our online Authentic Freedom Leadership Training.  (Click on the image below to learn more)

Authentic Freedom Leadership Training

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Spiritual Initiation: Standing at the Crossroads

The journey toward self-actualization is in fact, one spiritual initiation after another. Spiritual initiation takes place every time we are faced with an opportunity to remain in the perceived safety and security of what we have known or take another step toward the fulfillment of our life purpose.  The spiritual initiation is successful when we move through the fears and ego attachments that seek to keep us imprisoned within our small selves and away from the expansion we are driven toward by our Soul.  Some of these initiations are small and some are so significantly huge that we soon become aware that we are facing a major crossroad in our life.  It is at these crossroad moments that our spiritual practice becomes even more critical, as does our diligent attention to these practices.

spiritual initiation, crossroads, discernment, soul's purpose, journey of the soul, spiritual practice

Stephanie Azaria in Monday’s post in her column “Cosmic Consciousness” had the following to say about the crossroads:

“…a crossroad is a series of four very specific paths that are all equally available to us when we approach them from the observer’s perspective. We can send our conscious awareness down all four roads at the same time until the heart begins to resonate fully with one (or more) of these paths.  At that time we can take action to follow that road knowing it may or may not be permanent…..such is the way of the new world.  Nothing is permanent.”

A crossroads occurs when the life we have known has come to an end and the new life has not yet revealed itself. It is a time of spiritual initiation ripe with opportunity and danger.  At the crossroads, possibilities seem endless and many opportunities (or twinklings of opportunities) may present themselves.  At this stage, none of these possibilities are yet fully formed, so a decision (or even a discernment) cannot yet be made.  Some of these possibilities will die on the vine.  Some are not in our highest good or reflective of our soul’s purpose and therefore should not be pursued.  And some are just beginning to grow roots so are not yet strong enough to support our unfolding.  For these reasons, pursuing or chasing after possible opportunities prematurely will only end badly.  We will know that the opportunity is not yet ripe if in its pursuit we find it either drawing away, or find ourselves coming up against a brick wall. Instead of requiring effort, opportunities that are ripe and good for the soul will fall into our laps in a miraculous and effortless kind of way.

While the crossroads is ripe with possibility, it is also rife with danger. This is true for it is at the crossroads where we make our deals with the devil.  At the end of what has been, we are vulnerable and afraid. We have left behind (or are being asked to leave behind) what has been so as to replace it with something that is not yet known.  It is in our human nature to crave surety and to long for “the same.”  When we have neither of these creature comforts, we grow anxious, worried, and fretful.  Often, our first response is to bargain for the old life to be returned.  “Please let me go back to…….(insert relationship, job, home, etc. here)….at least I knew what to expect there.”  But our Soul desires nothing if not growth.  As such, as much as we might want to, we cannot return to that which has already died…or which no longer supports our growth.  (Well….actually we can…..we just end up with a zombie like life along with the constant shame of knowing we are living an unlived life…mind numbing substances and behaviors come in handy here as we try to escape our true feelings about the unlived life we have chosen).

After bargaining, we must now face the possibilities that lay before us. Some will be known.  Some will only be twinkles.  And MANY will be the paths which lead us only into the “devil’s trap.”  These are the paths which are ruled by fear and/or which tempt us through our ego attachments.  Those paths ruled by fear are the possibilities that are based in our unhealed and unresolved fears:  fears over money, time, acceptance by others, belonging, etc. etc. etc.  When we choose a path that is ruled by fear (I’m afraid that the path of my Soul won’t make me any money, so I’m going to find a path that insures at least a regular paycheck…..whether or not it has anything to do with my gifts, my mission or my purpose in this life…..), this is the devil’s trap.  The result of choosing this path will only be more fear and a deepening sense of imprisonment.  Those paths ruled by the ego are those which tempt us through our desire for fame, power, control and material wealth…..in other words, “the lifestyles of the rich and famous” – another of the devil’s games.  While fame may be an outcome of pursuing our Soul’s path, this will not be true for all, and the path of our Soul is never driven by our desire for fame. In the quest for the Soul, we must always check our ego at the door.

When we find ourselves at the crossroads or spiritual initiation we are vulnerable. We feel insecure and afraid.  The possibilities might seem overwhelming and our fears are running rampant.  The crossroads is the devil’s playground, but it is also the domain of our Soul.  At the crossroads, the Soul is seeking after and longing for its natural movement toward growth and it will not rest until the appropriate path for its growth reveals itself.  Until that happens, the Soul is restless….making us even more vulnerable to the “devil’s trap.”  At the crossroads, our spiritual practices become even more critical, along with our resilience in the face of temptation and our diligence in tending to these practices.  While at the crossroads we must not act, pursue, chase after or be tempted to make something happen.  Neither should we make any decision based in fear or arising out of the ego.  Instead, there is only ONE THING we can do when standing at the crossroads….and that is WAIT. Wait and watch.  Observe and discern.  And when the waiting and inaction become excruciating (which they will)….we wait some more.  For it is at the crossroad where we endure the greatest of all tests in our spiritual initiation …the test of whether we can wait long enough for the path of our Soul to arrive and the next stage of our life to begin.

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS is a trained spiritual director and spiritual counselor, transformational educator, ordained interfaith minister and published author. Lauri supports the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of humanity and does so through one-on-one mentoring, writing, online classes and workshops.  Contact Lauri at lauri@authenticfreedomacademy.com to learn more.

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We are the Magdalene

We are the Magdalene. We live and walk and work among you.  We come from all walks of life, from every tribe of the human race.  We are women.  We are men.  We are those who have completed the task of Love.  We have been supported in applying the original teachings of LOVE offered by and modeled by Jesus (and all other great spiritual teachers like him) – the teachings on Love which were then fulfilled through Mary, called Magdalene, and which has continued to show itself throughout history through those who have seen beyond the veil to the love concealed within.

Original painting by Catherine E. Case. Used with permission

We have come to know the Love that we are in our Oneness within ourselves, with the God of our understanding, with each other and with all of creation. In being open to this Love, we know no separation.  Love transcends all beliefs, all creeds, all nationalities, all genders, etc.  In this Love, there is no race but the human race.  There is no sexual orientation but love.  There is no nation, only one world.  There is no religion – only love. Love is all there is and Love is all we work to see and to know. Any perceived division is only a temporary veil over the love that has not yet been fully realized.  When division arises, we seek out the wound that is at its core, and support the healing of that wound wherever possible, as Jesus and Mary, called Magdalene, did before us.

For two thousand years we have been concealed among you, waiting.   At this critical juncture in human evolution, we come forth to be seen and to be known so that you might find hope in a world that is dying and faith in a new world that is seeking to be born.

We are your teachers, your guides, your mirror. Through our eyes you are seen as Love and in our eyes, you see that Love.  From this Love you will either turn away in fear, or, come forward in Love.  Either way, we love you for who you are and for the path you have chosen, for we have come to know that even when we choose fear, this too is a choice for Love.  As the prophet once said, “In you, darkness and light are but one.”  Of course, we hope that your choice will be for Love, because we have seen the fruits of this Love.

In this Love, we have found our unique purpose through our Divine gifts, which we then utilize for the sake of our own fulfillment and then in service to the betterment of the world. In this, you will find us using our gifts in all walks of life whether we are mother, father, teacher, minister, physician, healer, counselor, businessperson, athlete, entertainer, artist, banker, accountant, educator, administrator, etc. etc. etc. There are no limits as to how or where we can apply the Love that we know, for this Love is infinite and universal.  It is this life of meaning and purpose that too shall be yours when you make the choice for Love.

But even more than meaning and purpose, the promise of Love is peace. In the depths of the Love that we are, we know a deep and abiding peace.  This is “the peace that surpasses all understanding,” and which allows us to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sufferings of the human condition.  While fear is always present as a consequence of choosing the human condition, Love provides the key to finding our way through that fear.  It is here that we come to know the “kingdom of God within” that Jesus promised – not in some heaven light years away, but right here, in the midst of the human experience.  It is for the sake of this purpose that we are here, to help you know what those “who have eyes to see” have come to known – the Love that has been here all along!

We are the Magdalene. Our mission and purpose is Love – the Love that is YOU! 

Magdalene Priestess Training

Click on image above to learn more about the Magdalene Leadership Training

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Spiritual Development – Surviving a Freefall

I define spiritual development as: the process through which we uncover the answer to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Whose am I? (Where do I find peace and belonging?)
  • What are my gifts and how am I called to use them for the sake of my own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world?

At the moment of our spiritual awakening, we are given the choice to pursue the path of our spiritual development. Some choose this path.  Many do not. For those who choose the path of spiritual development….with self-actualization being the ultimate outcome, they soon discover that the journey of spiritual development is as much about letting go as it is about discovery.  In order to become our most authentic selves, we have to let go of that which is not authentically ours.  As such, the journey toward self-actualization includes many tiny (and sometimes HUGE) deaths.

I have recently been met with another one of those deaths. In my own journey of self-development and self-discovery, I have grown accustomed to these many deaths, but familiarity doesn’t always make it any more tolerable.  In fact, in many ways, knowing that death is upon us is more frightening than death taking us by surprise. The current death (which in truth is just another in a long line of current dyings) I am facing is the end of what I have known as my local professional life.  On Tuesday I taught my last local class.  While this has not been a financially lucrative endeavor for quite some time, and I knew this death was coming, the reality hit me like a storm.  With nothing yet to take its place, I have nothing to look forward to, nothing to plan or plan for, nothing to DO but stare into the empty void of a new life that has not yet been revealed.  Two weeks ago I felt like I was staring into the abyss.  Having faced the end, I find I am no longer staring, I am in full-on FREE FALL.  In a free fall, there is literally NOTHING to hang on to, nothing to cling to and nowhere to find a hand or foot hold.  Instead, we are only falling….or floating….or FLYING!

spiritual development, self actualization, freefalling, freel falling, spiritual awakening, defining spiritual development,

Having done nothing but support spiritual development for the past 25 years, my own and that of others, I know what to do and how to survive a free fall.


There is literally nothing else to do. We cannot fight it.  When falling through the abyss we cannot turn around and go back from whence we came.  Without a new world in sight, there is nothing to work toward or work for.  We cannot MAKE ourselves crawl up through the gaping void to some safe place above us.  All we can do is FALL.  But, there are ways in which we can support ourselves in the falling:

During the freefall, we grieve.

We mourn the life that we are being asked to leave behind. We deny.  We bargain.  We become depressed and paralyzed (THANK YOU Netflix for 13 seasons of Supernatural to keep me entertained when I am otherwise immobile).  We grow angry.  We gnash our teeth.  We scream and shout and wail.  We weep.  We allow our bodies to grieve what has been so that we can be healed and freed of that life and made ready for something new.

During the freefall we pray.

(or whatever your language is for that). For me, it is asking and begging for support, to know that I am not alone.  My prayer includes gratitude for all the past life has given me and the support in knowing that a letting go so enormous means something equally huge is coming to take its place.  I pray for peace.  I pray for hope.  I pray for any tiny glimpses that might help me continue on.  In addition to prayer, I double up on my daily spiritual practice.  I meditate.  I read and reflect on scripture.  I journal.  I chant (or listen to mantra).

During the freefall we sleep.

When a dying occurs, our bodies, minds, and spirits are being rewired. It requires an enormous amount of psychic energy to let go of something that has been (especially when it is somehow related to our identity….which mine is) and to be made ready for the new. Sleep supports the release of what has been and the energetic preparation for what has not yet come to be.

During the freefall we remember.

This is the place for our life review. We reflect on what has been.  Any unresolved fears/compulsion/demons from that life make an appearance so that we have one more opportunity to bring them healing and transformation ensuring we are ready to enter into the new life when it comes.

During the freefall we do nothing.

This may be the most difficult part of the freefall. There is literally NOTHING we can do to hasten the departure from what has been and the entry into something new.  All we can “do” is BE.  And in our culture, being is really hard to do (not to mention all the twisted stares we get from people when we tell them all we “did” today was watch Netflix).  Doing, however, during this stage in the freefall produces NOTHING.  It simply reminds us of how NOT life-giving our old life had become and how ready we are for something new.

How have you supported yourself during the many dyings that have happened along your path of spiritual development?

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS provides spiritual direction and counseling for those on their spiritual journey.  To schedule a private session with Lauri email  lauri@authenticfreedomacademy.com.

Check out our online programs in support of your spiritual development HERE. 


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Meditation for the Creative and Active Mind – New Online Course

10 meditation practices for engaging the creative and active mind while experiencing the benefits of an ongoing meditation practice. 

Click in image to learn more and register. Only $12..99

Meditation has proved to be the single-most valuable commitment I have made in my life.  For over 20 years, I have rarely missed my daily meditation practice because of all the benefits it has brought me.  That being said, meditation is not easy….especially for those like myself who have creative and active minds.  The way Western culture has embraced meditation practices – especially those from the East, has not helped.  In the West, meditation has been misinterpreted to mean “silence,” with “success in attaining silence” as being the goal.  This is a distortion of what meditation really is and serves as an obstacle to many who wish to enjoy the benefits of meditation but who are not able to because they cannot obtain silence.

The purpose of this course is to support you in finding a meditation practice that works WITH your creative and active mind rather than against.  For as the Buddhist saying goes, “What we resist will persist.”  Meditation is not meant to work against our natural inclinations toward creativity and thought, but to work with our minds so that we can connect with the peace and creative inspiration that dwells within.

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS is an author, teacher, priestess, healer and prophet. She is the author of the highly-anticipated, Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene and Authentic Freedom, both of which reveal the hidden teachings of Jesus as revealed through his most devoted student, co-equal minister and beloved partner, Mary Magdalene. For over twenty years, Lauri has researched, studied and put into practice these hidden teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition and discovered within them rich and effective tools for facilitating self-awareness and self-actualization. These teachings and practices prove that beyond the doctrine resides the truth that unites all people – the truth of Oneness in Love. As a priestess of the Magdalene/Christ, Lauri shares these teachings through her on-line and local courses, one-on-one mentoring, writing and publishing.

Lauri is the owner of Authentic Freedom Academy and founder of the Temple of the Magdalene. She lives in Oshkosh, WI. You can learn more about Lauri, her writings, programs and services at www.authenticfreedomacademy.com.

As it relates to this course, Lauri Ann Lumby is a practiced meditator who has had an on-going daily practice since 1994.

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Authentic Freedom – Our Mission

Authentic Freedom Academy supports the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of change agents. As a center for experiential education, we support the transformation of human consciousness through the integration of Western psychology and Western Spirituality, equipping students to be agents of positive, non-violent change in the world.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • writing and publishing
  • one-on-one mentoring (spiritual counseling)
  • local and online courses
  • on-going service to the community


Outer change begins with inner change.

Inner change begins with self-knowledge.

Self- Knowledge leads to self-actualization.

Self-actualized individuals, are inherently non-violent, cooperative and collaborative, and are naturally motivated to use their unique gifts in service to the betterment of the world.


Authentic Freedom™ is a trademarked protocol developed by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, founder and director of Authentic Freedom Academy. Authentic Freedom™ integrates specific tools and practices of Western Psychology with those of Western Spirituality, resulting in a powerful process through which participants are supported in becoming self-actualized and are then empowered to share their unique giftedness in service to the betterment of the world.

Authentic Freedom has applications in:

  • Personal Development
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Support
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Business Management

As a tool for professionals in the fields of:

  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Ministry
  • Education
  • Spiritual Guidance/Spiritual Direction
  • Life-Coaching
  • Reiki, massage, acupuncture, and any other hands-on healing protocols


Specific Tools used in Authentic Freedom™:

  • Western, Eastern and Indigenous Mindfulness, Contemplation and Journey practices
  • The Spiritual Exercises and Rules of Discernment of St. Ignatius
  • Creativity Practices
  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Profile
  • The Enneagram Temperament Tool
  • The Spiritual/Personal Gifts Inventory
  • The Authentic Freedom™ protocol



From Western Psychology, Authentic Freedom™ draws from:

  • Carl Jung’s creative imagination, archetype and shadow work
  • Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and theories of self-actualization
  • The humanistic theories and creativity practices of Carl and Natalie Rogers
  • The stages of spiritual development of James Fowler and John Westerhoff
  • Bill Plotkin’s development of the human Soul

From Western Spirituality, Authentic Freedom™ has its roots in the original teachings of Jesus* which were then formalized into the meditation, contemplation and service practices of Western Monasticism, specifically those favored in Benedictine, Franciscan, and Ignatian spirituality.

*The original teachings of Jesus are those rooted in the universal (and non-religious) call of love:

  • love of God (the God of your own understanding)
  • love of Self
  • love of Neighbor – recognizing that all of humanity is our neighbor

and then:

  • lived out through acts of compassion
  • working for justice



Enjoy the benefits of Authentic Freedom through:

One-on-one mentoring with Lauri Ann Lumby.

The Authentic Freedom Online Course:

Read the book and the companion user’s manual:

Buy it now on Amazon

Buy it now on Amazon!










or take the complete Authentic Freedom Leadership Training:

My Approach to Scripture: You will notice that scripture plays a predominant role in my writing and in most of my local and online courses. Please note that my approach to scripture is unlike any you have likely experienced before!  I do not approach scripture from a dogmatic or doctrinal perspective.  Neither do I use it as a way to instill fear or manipulate specific actions or behaviors.  Instead, I approach scripture as the ancients did – as a collection of stories which have the opportunity to reflect back to us aspects of ourselves.  In this way, scripture becomes a vehicle through which our highest self can speak to us – providing guidance, support, inspiration, nourishment and even healing.  When we pierce through the veil of other people’s interpretations and allow the Divine to speak to us personally and directly through these ancient texts, we discover the transformational power of The Word as it was originally intended – as a tool to guide and sustain us on the path of love.


lauriprofilecolorwebshot2013Contact Lauri Lumby today to find out how Authentic Freedom might be for you. lauri@authenticfreedomacademy.com or (920) 230-1313.

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