Song of the Beloved


Song of the Beloved – The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Book 1 – The Jesus Years


Every story is true, some of them actually happened.

Song of the Beloved is a provocative retelling of the Jesus story from the perspective of Mary Magdalene.  After fourteen years of suffering the debilitating effects of trauma, Mary is healed by Jesus.  She then becomes his most enthusiastic and devoted disciple; later becoming his companion, co-minister, beloved and wife.  Designated the Magdalene, Mary is appointed to carry on Jesus’ ministry after his death.

A great work of fiction, inspired by scripture, historical documents and ancient sacred texts, Song of the Beloved provides nourishment and inspiration for those in search of a relevant Christianity – with Jesus and Mary as two who lived the fullness of the human experience while teaching us how to love.


What reviewers are saying about Song of the Beloved:

At a time when Christianity as we know it is reaping the harvest it has sown in denying the feminine, as Mary Magdalene herself was denied, Lauri Lumby offers us a devotional outpouring of that love between her and Jesus that was the foundation of his teaching and healing ministry. Rooted in the Gospels, and skillfully echoing their resonance in her use of language, she tells Mary’s story first hand by ‘being her’, embodying her passion and her memory and bringing alive the female half of Christianity that is the church’s only hope of re-integration and resurrection.

– Jay Ramsay, author of Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships and The Poet in You.


Song of the Beloved is a vivid and deeply moving memoir that transports the reader to another time and place. While reading, I felt I was actually there, witnessing and experiencing events and feelings first hand and being filled with the golden light of love emanating from the heart of Jesus and the Magdalene.

– Toni Carmine Salerno, bestselling artist & author of Magdalene Oracle.


The phenomenon of Jesus Christ is a mystery so great it invites different ‘takes’ on it. This is a vivid and moving one written from the wise depths of the heart.

– Gabriel Bradford Millar, poet and co-founder of Poetry Stroud and Celebration of the Word.


Congratulations on your beautiful gospel Song of the Beloved.  I have read other re-tellings of the life of Jesus that imagined a modern or more humanized Jesus, but you have crafted the best.  Both Mary and Jesus are so very believable in your telling.  I am so excited by the romance and the humanness that you have uncovered for us.  What a gift you have!

– Father Mike Bober, Ecumenical Catholic Communion


Video:  Song of the Beloved, A Note to the Reader.    View it HERE. 

Video:  Song of the Beloved – The Prologue.  View it HERE. 

Video:  Song of the Beloved – The journey of how this novel came to be.  View it HERE. 

Video:  Was Jesus Married?  View it HERE. 



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