Order of Melchizedek Level Two – Shamanism Intensive

Order of Melchizedek Training Level Two – Shamanism Intensive

The Level Two Training for the Order of Melchizedek introduces you to the traditional shamanic practice of journeywork. Journeywork acknowledges the creative imagination as a gateway to Divine communion and as a tool for obtaining Divine guidance.  You will be introduced to the foundations of a “shamanic call in a culture without a culture” and will then have an opportunity to learn and practice shamanic journeys. Working in five different “worlds,” you will meet your power animal, spirit teacher and other teachers and guides in those respective worlds who will support you through their unique gifts in discerning your Divine path. In addition to providing guidance, journeywork supports our inner healing and transformation both in this life and in lives we have already lived.  After this course you will equipped to facilitate your own journeys and to lead journeys for others. 

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Lesson One: Introduction


Lesson Two: Lower World Journeys


Lesson Three: Upper World Journeys


Lesson Four: Middle World Journeys


Lesson Five: Underworld Journeys


Lesson Six: Journeys to the Heavenly Realms


Practicum: Bringing it all together.



Required Texts:

Tedlock, B. (2005). The woman in the shaman’s body: Reclaiming the feminine in religion and medicine. New York, NY: Bantam Books

Walsh, R. (2007). The world of shamanism: New views of an ancient tradition. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications.