Who Really Killed Jesus?

Temple of the Magdalene Mystery School

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For over 2000 years priests, theologians, and scripture scholars have argued over who killed Jesus.  For the better part of those 2000 years, the Jews have been blamed for Jesus’ death.  Only recently, with the advent of authentic scripture scholarship have the Jews been let off the hook with the blame being placed on the shoulders of either the Romans or a few select members of the Jewish temple leadership – specifically the Chief Priests, Pharisees and Sadducees.  The truth is neither the Romans nor the Jews killed Jesus –

We did.

Scripture is actually quite clear on this subject.  When Jesus’ followers had an opportunity to defend their teacher, they chose silence.  When Pontius Pilate gave the crowd an opportunity to choose whether Jesus or Barabbas would die, they demanded Jesus’ death. Whether we believe the veracity of these stories or not, Jesus’…

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