Jesus and Mary Magdalene Beloved Partners?

In my recently released novel, Song of the Beloved – The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, I accept the bold challenge of portraying Jesus and Mary Magdalene as discovering and cultivating a Beloved Partnership.  Of course some at the Vatican might cringe at such blasphemy – Jesus married?  Jesus making love to his wife?  Or even more blasphemous – Mary Magdalene as equal co-minister, healer, miracle worker?  Surely entertaining these thoughts will secure a place in hell for me and my readers….right?  Wrong!  Here’s why:



If Jesus came here to experience the fullness of the human condition – that would include intimate partnership and the full expression of human sexuality.  And if we believe that Jesus is the model of human perfection and that he grew into being fully self-actualized, then wouldn’t he also experience the fullest and most perfect expression of human love – the Beloved Partnership?  If what the Church fathers say is true about Jesus coming here to redeem the human experience, and that only that which has been experienced can be redeemed – then Jesus had to have had all of this.

Mary Magdalene

But what about Mary?  Why is Mary Magdalene the likely candidate as Jesus’ co-creative partner and beloved wife?  BECAUSE…..she is the ONLY person mentioned in scripture who accompanied Jesus and who was healed of seven demons (a metaphor for having completing the initiatory process facilitated by Jesus which brought one into full self-actualization).  If Jesus was self-actualized, he would have needed a self-actualized person with whom he could enter into a beloved partnership.  Also, it was to Mary that Jesus first appeared in resurrected form and it was Mary whom he commissioned to deliver the news to the other apostles.  Who else would Jesus appear to first except his wife and she who was most able to see and believe?

Breaking the Mold

In my novel, I chose to break the mold on how Jesus and Mary Magdalene have traditionally been betrayed because I believe that Jesus and Mary, themselves broke the mold.  They both came here to become fully self-actualized – demonstrating for humanity the way to the greatest and fullest expression of being human – living their divine natures fully within the human form and in doing so, transforming humanity itself.  Additionally, I believe that in their state of self-actualization, they also had the opportunity to experience the greatest possible expression of human love – a love that is interdependent, co-creative, working together for a common purpose, intimately loving and mutually supportive – upholding each other in their unique giftedness and providing an example, a model, an inspiration for others to follow.  I’m just grateful that after two thousand years of editing and redacting, the rest of the story is finding its way into our consciousness so that we may benefit from ALL that Jesus and Mary came to teach us.

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